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Teaching Music Inclusively


  • Preparing students for successful teaching in inclusive settings
  • Development of teaching materials, which are applicable in inclusive settings
  • Development of a competence model for a successful inclusive music education practice


The project „Unterricht inklusiv gestalten mit Musik“, initiated by the Department of Music Education at Ludwig- Maximilian University Munich aims at ensuring successful teaching practice in heterogenous settings. A prime objective of this project, which is supported by Lehrerbildung@LMU is to prepare future music educators for the diversity of their pupils as best as possible. Thereby, a multiperspective view on inclusion should serve as a basis to prepare future educators to encourage individuals with different experiential, learning backgrounds, as well as diverse cultural and social backgrounds. Music education in particular offers the possibility of becoming musically active individually as well as collectively. Furthermore, the interdisciplinary potential of making music within the context of a band, choir or music theatre project, is fully tapped into.

The object of this project is to develop teaching materials, which can be used in an inclusive musical education. In order to ensure the availability of these materials for other students, as well as educators, these are to be presented on the project website and put into practice in the context of workshops and educational courses.

Additionally, it is to be evaluated, which competencies are requisite in order to successfully conduct inclusive music education and in what way teacher education can work towards this goal.

The project “Unterricht inklusiv gestalten mit Musik” draws upon the Community Music concept and Klassenmusizieren.

Project Management: Prof. Dr. Alexandra Kertz-Welzel

Project Participants:

  • Beatrice McNamara, M.A.
  • Leonie Hundertmark, M.A.
  • Dr. Sibylle Köllinger
  • Prof. Dr. Julia Lutz

Cooperation partner: Prof. Dr. Ulrich Heimlich, Chair of Pedagogy for Learning Disabilities, LMU Munich.


Project Link: