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Master of Music Education Research

Course Information

The master's degree program in music education research is a consecutive degree program that is practice- as well as a research-oriented. It is designed to prepare students for a career in a scientific field or in a practical professional field of music education. Thus, both scientific and practical competencies are taught within the framework of the degree program:

Scientific content:

  • Music Didactics
  • Music Education
  • Music Psychology
  • Ethnomusicology
  • Sociology of Music

Practical Content:
  • Practical music courses (instrumental lessons and ensembles).
  • Internship in a professional field of music education.
Through courses on empirical qualitative and quantitative research methods, students acquire knowledge that is deepened through the evaluation and implementation of research projects, possibly also in the context of their master's thesis.

For further information, please visit: Master Musikpädagogik neu (PStO 2020).

Furthermore, students have the opportunity to set a focus on a particular area of interest within the field of their study. It is possible to take a module on instrumental pedagogy at the University of Music and Performing Arts Munich or to gain insights into the field of music journalism within the module "Music and Media".

The master's degree program in music education research opens up possibilities for music pedagogical occupations in numerous areas, e.g. in music adult education (adult education centers), at music schools, at private schools, in music libraries, in media, in municipal cultural institutions, in publishing, in social pedagogical institutions, etc. Furthermore, the program offers an additional academic qualification for graduates of primarily pedagogical or artistically oriented branches of education (music teachers, voice or instrumental instructors, graduates of music colleges and conservatories). Moreover, this field of study qualifies for working in higher education (research and teaching).

Admission Requirements

Prerequisite for enrollment in the master's program in music education is proof of a professional university degree or an equivalent degree from Germany or abroad in the field of music education or a related subject. Successful participation in an aptitude test is required for admission to the master's program. You will only be invited to participate in the aptitude test after prior application by July 15 (always for the following winter semester).

International students must observe additional conditions for application and enrollment at LMU. You can find more information on our information sheet on the Master's program for international students (50.6 KByte) and on the website of the LMU International Office.

The Admission Requirements include:

  • Practical music skills in vocal or instrumental performance.
  • Basic knowledge of music education theory and practice.