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Munich Community Music Center


Prof. Dr. Alexandra Kertz-Welzel
Leonie Hundertmark, M.A.
Dr. Sibylle Köllinger
Beatrice McNamara, M.A.
Simone Spangler

Contact: Prof. Dr. Alexandra Kertz-Welzel


Within the institute of music education at Ludwig Maximilian Universität, Munich, the Munich Community Music Center (MCMC) acts as a conduit for research, education and practice in community music. Located at the department of the arts and as a part of the Munich Arts Research Centre (MARC), the MCMC is committed to establishing community music as a field of research and practice in Germany. In order to achieve this goal, the MCMC operates within five distinct strands:



1. Research

2. Practice

3. Network

4. Professional development

5. Projects



  • Research:

    • Adapting the concept of community music in a way that is useful for German music education
    • Establishing community music as a field of research in German music education
    • Critically reflecting and examining the development of community music in Germany and internationally
    • Encouraging and providing support for new scholars (Masters, PhD) and students interested in investigating community music projects or developing theoretical frameworks
    • Further developing appropriate strategies and methods for research, including arts-based research, practice-as research, ethnography, narrative research, and case study
    • Disseminating findings through publications and performance
    • Organizing symposia and lectures
  • Practice:

    • Providing performance opportunities for local or national community music groups
    • Offering music workshopsProvide support and advice for projects
  •  Network:

    • Connecting local and national community music groups
    • Facilitating exchange between local community music groups
    • Creating a database of interesting community music groups in Munich and Germany
    • Source and catalogue funding opportunities
  • Professional development:

    • Organizing skill-based workshops for students, teachers and musicians
    • Connecting local musicians with professionals and teachers
    • Integrating practices and principles of community music into the curriculum of the music teacher education program and life long learning activities at LMU
  • Projects:

    • Providing performance space at the institute of music education at LMU for local community music groups
    • Working with schools using the practices and principles of community music
    • Providing consultation for those wishing to develop projects

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