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Ensembles & Concerts

Students studying music education at LMU are invited to participate in a variety of musical activities. They can choose between bands for beginners and advanced performers. The band for advanced performers, furthermore, focuses on the arrangement in addition to the practice of popular music. Regardless of ability or instrument, everyone is welcome to participate. In this way, completely new band formations are created every semester. Joint teaching and learning form the basis for the rehearsal work.

The samba band of the music education department at LMU is also based on the idea of community music, according to which the focus lies on the fun of making music together. In addition to learning the different ways of playing samba instruments, students also get to know typical South American rhythms, such as samba reggae, samba funk or samba batucada.

Every semester, the choir rehearses a new program with works of different styles.

In addition, students are invitied to join various chamber music ensembles.

At the end of each semester, the various ensembles and soloists have the opportunity to demonstrate their skills by performing at the semester concert.